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Her eyes were closed as she relaxed in the arms of the one she would carry to victory. Kurrajong Concorde (yamamah) a mare I have held in high esteem for years with HH @faz3 someone whom I also hold dear to my heart Mashallah Champions .

By: maa_maa73


By: Fazza

Asker Anonymous Asks:
did fazza3 love to any girl does any girl was there in his mind
justmyfaz3 justmyfaz3 Said:

I don’t know. :D

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Ok but tell me which name does fazza3 like most girls name
justmyfaz3 justmyfaz3 Said:

Maybe Hind, Maryam, Shaikha.

Hamdan at Al Yamamah Festival Camel Race.

By: khalidaldarae

Behind this team stands a greater team that Dubai relies on #mydubai يقف وراء هذا الفريق أبطال نفخر بهم


Asker Anonymous Asks:
in the video, was that princess haya at 14:41?
justmyfaz3 justmyfaz3 Said:

Yes! :D

Asker Anonymous Asks:
fazza3 which name of girls do u like most
justmyfaz3 justmyfaz3 Said:

I’m not fazza3. :D

Not again!!!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
How do you know he likes chocolate? :D
justmyfaz3 justmyfaz3 Said:

WEG 2014 Award Ceremony: Hamdan 10:24